I feel the prayers of so many lately.


And between the weight of what we are heading into—the potential goodbyes, the uncertainty of days, the remembrance of our stories and those who have led us here—mixed with the constant burden on our hearts for the unreached to hear His Name, it’s good to feel the prayers of people.

It puts my mind at ease. It fills me with unspeakable peace during moments when I would otherwise be overwhelmed. 

And just the simple phrase, “I was praying for you at that time,” can mean the difference between darkness and light.

Prayer is not just for those who are already overseas battling the cosmic forces in the spiritual realm. It’s for those who are preparing to go as well. This journey is like none other. Certainty and confidence on the best days. Doubt (not in the calling, but in oneself) on the worst. A constant battle of flesh and heart.

A good friend (and kindred spirit) put it to me this way:

“I see some areas of control in your life. You will be in a constant state of surrendering those things over to Him. We need to remain at a place of humility before Him—handing everything over. When I realize I am at “zero,” then I realize anything given to me by Him is a gift.” 

As I learn to surrender, as I learn to trust, as I learn to fall humbly before the throne of grace, as I learn to focus my mind and heart and soul on Him, please continue to pray. Each new day brings joy and His mercies are new every morning. It’s my internal battle that rages on within me though. May I learn to loosen my grip until I realize I am nothing without Him. And may I trust Him to be enough to fill every piece of me.

“He must increase. I must decrease.”