Why the name Staying South?


There are a few parts to this answer:

1. It tells where we come from:

We both grew up in the South. When I say the South, I should really say the Deep South—the part of the country where fried foods, farming, and family are priority. Everyone gathers at the same place on Sunday mornings. Sweet tea is as prevalent as water. And “y’all” is just a part of our vocabulary. We are proud of our Southern heritage and roots and wanted to show this and embrace it.

2. It is a part of our story:

When we first created the blog, we were moving to South Asia. After we moved to South Asia, spent 8 months in Nepal, the Lord redirected our steps to move back to the South and serve the church body stateside. That is the short version of a much larger story. 

3. Staying South means we must continue to decrease and become lower.

We must humble ourselves. It’s a reminder to us that we must submit each day to the One Who has called us to Himself and to each other. We must learn to put others’ needs ahead of our own. Our priorities in life will change. It is no longer “what do we want out of life,” but “what is best in order for His Bride to hear His Name that the Lord may get glory?” How can we best teach the gospel to others and train up people to share the Story over and over? Our family will be structured around this. Our life, passions, and ambitions will need to be focused on this. He must increase, and we must decrease. Staying South reminds us of that each time we consider what it is that we are doing.