With the recent snowpacalypse and snowpacalypse 2 occurring, I have not been able to write or process as much as I would have liked. 


It’s been an eventful couple of weeks. We have talked with our potential supervisor, found out more about the job we will be doing in South Asia along with their overall vision, and tried to research more about the country we are potentially moving to. We enjoyed our talk with the supervisor and have said we would like to move forward with that job placement.

We went ahead and told our jobs and community that we are in the process to go overseas. This brought about different concerns and some interesting reactions from people. Many emotions and thoughts have come into play lately. We’ve had times of trying to figure out what to do with our dog when we move to deciding when it would be best for us to sell our possessions to trying to figure out housing situations when our lease ends. We have had people give us looks of concern, ask us funny and strange questions about the area we are going to, and basically tell us that we should continue to pray about whether or not we should be going. 

On the flip side of that: we have had people tear up with us when they hear and see all the pieces of the puzzle coming together. We have had dear friends and family wrap their arms around us or say prayers over us that I will cherish forever. We have had a body of people come alongside us and promised to walk this journey with us as we go. What joy that brings—what unspeakable joy!

Here is the unofficial timeline of events:

March 2014:

  • job matched (we wait)

May 2014:

  • organization’s board approves job match (we wait)

July 2014: 

  • moving sale #1

August 2014:

  • moving sale #2
  • move into provided housing (move #1)
  • go to a weeklong appointment 

September 2014:

  • Alabama jobs end
  • moving sale #3

October 2014-December 2014:

  • orientation for 8 weeks (move #2)

December 2014:

  • return to the South and say final goodbyes (move #3)

January 2015:

  • move to South Asia and begin language training (move #4)

Prayers are appreciated right now for:

  • Faithfulness to share His story with those we meet through this journey
  • Faithfulness to spend time in the Word and meditate on Him
  • Housing to be provided as we move from place to place
  • What to do with our pup when we go
  • The many goodbyes and see you laters we will say in the next few months