When we tell people we are moving overseas, we tend to get some mixed reactions at times. We wanted to come up with a list of frequently asked questions and offer some answers to these. Some are for fun, some are serious, but all have been asked:


1. Are you going to have a baby over there?

the wife: Possibly. Probably. I’m not pregnant yet.

1. a. How?

the wife: There are people and babies in South Asia.

The serious answer: Lord-willing, yes, we will have a baby while we are overseas. I would love to be a mom one day in the not-so-near future. The organization we are going through is great about taking care of us and making sure our health is a very high priority. If the country we are in does not have adequate medical care, they will fly us to another country in order for me to have the baby. This is a part of what your offering goes to when you support people going. The main concern while being pregnant is living in possibly 114-degree weather and using a squatty-potty. Maybe the prayer should be for the husband rather than for me.

2. How long will you be over there?

the husband: The first term will be either 3 or 4 years. The longer we stay, the longer we will be in the States when we come back. If our first term is 3 years, we come back for 6 months. If it’s 4 years, we come back for a year. All terms after that are 4-5 year terms with time in the States in between each term. We see this as a career move and it will be our life unless we are led to something different or until we retire.

3. Will you get to come home?

the wife: After our first term, yes. We will be in the States for 6 months to a year. This time will be spent with friends, family, finishing school, learning more about our people group and ways to reach them, going on retreats, etc. We will not have to fundraise. Again, this is something that your offering goes to when you support people going overseas. We will not be able to come to the States at all during the first term we are there; however, after that term, we could possibly come to the States for vacation in future terms but it will be at our own expense unless we are coming for a stateside assignment.

4. There are lost people in the States. Why can’t you stay and reach out to them?

the husband: This can be a very natural question and we have received it a lot. Honestly, there is no complete answer to this. There is no reason why we can’t stay here and there is no shortage here of people who could use the love of the One who first loved them.

The real question is “why are you going?” The One who gave Himself for the world deserves for them to recognize that. There is nothing greater we could live for than that truth. We are all called to living for that to happen over the entire world. In just the small area of the world where we are going, there are around 1.58 billion people who have never even heard of the name of the One Who has died for them or have no acceptance of Him as Lord. That should break us all. It has broken my wife and I and we have been called to go and to give our lives for them to recognize the One worthy of all they are. You are called for these people, too. You might not be called to go directly to them long-term or maybe you are; or maybe just for the short-term. You may be called to give so others can go. You are called to pray about, talk about, educate, and advocate on their behalf. People ask why we can’t stay in the States. I can probably help people understand some of that answer, but a lot of it requires you to be in our shoes. What I can’t understand is why more people here aren’t doing exponentially more to answer their own call for those people there.  

5. Aren’t you afraid?

We both began to write answers to this, then realized the weight of what we were writing and decided to answer it in a separate post. Then again in another post

6. Do you have a timeline?

Yes, read this post. But know that it could change. 

7. What can we say to people about what you are doing or where you are going? How can we pray for you?

We answered these here