“One does not surrender a life in an instant—that which is lifelong can only be surrendered in a lifetime.” –J. Elliot 

[the process] We are currently waiting until May 13 to find out if we will officially be approved by the board to be appointed in August. However, waiting has turned into preparing. That’s our life lately. My heart needed a change. If this entire process falls through and by some chance we ended up not going, I know without a doubt that I needed this journey. My heart and my life needed this process.

The waiting has turned into so much more than simply waiting. The Lord was teaching me about a process—a journey—a walk with Him that I would have never discovered before going through this season.

And all of this preparation has been planned. Months ago, years ago, it was all coming into being. The process of being conformed into His image for the sake of others was perfectly designed and put into place. He is in this process and He is near to us. 

[life lately] Sometime in February, through the Lord’s leading, we ended up finding a family in Alabama who are from our people group. We are getting to know them and are learning the language (I should say: the alphabet) from the woman. It was an unexpected joy to be able to meet this family and begin to learn the language (which is not the easiest to read and write) before we go.

We did find a house to live in come August when our lease will end on our townhouse. That’s another huge blessing and resource that our denomination is good at coordinating. Thanks for your prayers for that!

I was accepted to the seminary where J currently attends. We will both be taking classes (online) starting in the fall. We will both be pursuing our M.Div. My concentration will be in counseling and J is still deciding upon his. Please pray for scholarship and funding as we will pay for both of our degrees out-of-pocket as we go.  We both see such benefits to being able to finish our degrees while we are overseas and believe our degrees will benefit whatever ministry we end up doing wherever we are. It’s an exciting venture for us both!

We thank you for your continued prayers for us. They are felt and so deeply appreciated. A short list of prayer needs are:

  • May 13th: approval for appointment
  • Opportunities to share the gospel with those around us
  • Funding and scholarship for seminary
  • Continued peace as we think about future moves
  • For any area where we are not submitting to be surrendered to Him
  • The right foster family for Elliot (our 2-year-old puppy)