“Now the Lord said to Abram, “Go from your country and your kindred and your father's house to the land that I will show you…So Abram went…” (Genesis 12, paraphrased).

What I love about Old Testament stories is the amount of time that can pass between verses when events occur. Abram obeyed God. He was told a command and he went. And there is nothing but a space between verses to give us any glimpse of that time. What we are missing is the transition time between that command: the part where Abram told his wife and kids and neighbors and co-shepherds and extended family about this call the Lord had given him. That part isn’t mentioned in Scripture—there’s only a space.

Maybe there wasn’t a lot of time that passed for Abram. Maybe this transition time needed to remain vague. Either way, we feel that we are living between those verses right now—that space of time.

And the Lord is using that time to teach us, to grow us, and to show us how to love others and each other more. 

Transitions are difficult. Don’t let any person moving overseas fool you. There are some hard days leading up to that big move. It’s not only difficult for you, but for many who surround you each day. Transitions with bosses (and the added stress we put on them by telling them we are leaving and they have to find our replacement and build a transition strategy), transitions with family (those who are supportive and those who are not), transitions with friends (and the many goodbyes and “last times” we will have with them), dealing with our own emotions, dealing with our desire to move, dealing with our hearts breaking when we hear of people in our soon-to-be-country dying from an avalanche (many of them being locals who we are 99% sure do not have a knowledge of their Savior), and just dealing with normal life—which has all of the sudden become not so normal. 

Yet, He teaches us about Himself through it all. 

Through times of expecting too much of ourselves or this process, we are learning that He is enough and He provides—He is faithful. When the Lord called people in Scripture to tasks, He was always faithful to prepare them and to go with them to complete the task He called them to.

In 2010, I remember working at a retail store (before my current job) and I was miserable and had no idea why the Lord gave me a heart to go overseas only to be working at a retail store in the States. I was frustrated. And I remember crying out to the Lord and the Lord saying very clearly to me: “I am Yahweh-Jireh—I am the Lord Who Provides and I am going to provide for you in ways you could not imagine.”

The next day, I got a phone call for an unexpected job offer for the company I work for now…

This led to J being able to get a job where he is now due to that same person at my work knowing of the job opportunity…

Which led to us being able to sell our house because our real estate agent came from the place where J works (and is the only real estate agent out of four who would list our house for the price we asked because we said we felt God told us to put it up for sale)…

which led to us being able to move closer and pay off of some debt…

which freed us to be able to apply through the organization we are going through…

which led us to be able to go.

There are so many other areas where He has provided along the way and He is providing even in the midst of this transition—from a friend to teach us the new language to amazing connections with future teammates to mentors and people who are encouraging us to keep our eyes on the goal. He is conforming us to His image. This transition is all part of the process. 

He is faithful—even in the space of transitions.