If you’re reading this, thank you so much for taking the time to invest in our journey and in us. Thank you for caring about us and for wanting to keep up with what is happening and how we are doing.

We cannot do this journey alone. We are called to go and be the hands and feet of the church in our part of world; but what are the hands and feet without the rest of the body? We need you. We need you to care about us, to think and pray about and for us, to talk to people about the work that God is doing and so to grow the numbers within the body who want to be stakeholders in this part of the great commission, to come over on short term trips, mail birthday cards and care packages of brownie mix, give financially to our organization, and maybe even pray about joining our team or another one somewhere else around the world.

Everything we are doing is designed to be done along with you. This isn’t just our calling. This is your calling. We beg you to embrace your call. This isn’t just our mission; it’s your mission. You are part of our foundation and, just like any building, without a good foundation we could crumble without you. This is not a simple request. It will take a large commitment from you. It will take money, time, thought, preparation, and action. This is asking a lot. However, I write this in great confidence because I’m not the one asking. God is. Will you answer your call?

Most everything I mentioned above is pretty straightforward in how to proceed; but several people have asked me some good questions on a couple things and I thought it might be good to help with some direction on two more frequently asked questions.

What can we say or not say to people about what you are doing and where you are going?

There is little to nothing that you can’t tell people about us and what we are doing. The biggest thing is we need you to always make sure you do say one specific thing: make sure that people know not to post anything specific about our “real” job on the internet. We will have a “cover” type job to be where we are and we can’t afford for the government where we are to think that we are there for another reason. 

How can we pray for you?

Our lives are ever changing and adapting as God is molding us into what He wants us to be and as just about everything we know is changing. It would take a lot of commitment to regularly know the most pressing prayer requests of both my wife and I. I invite you—if you feel led to that kind of partnership with us—to let us know. We will need that kind of prayer support from some people. However, for most of you, here are a few prayer requests that will always be of the utmost importance:

  • Pray for our marriage. One of the greatest ways that we will be attacked is through each other. We will desperately need each other through all of this and if we let anything get in the way of that, it could spell defeat. Pray that I continue to love my wife as Christ loved the church and that I am willing to die for her each day of my life. Pray that my wife follows that leadership but also has the strength to help me and give me the guidance I need at times. Pray for balance and discipline over our emotions, for sacrifice in our words and actions, for humility in how we listen, hear, correct, and guide. Pray that we put God first and each other second in all we do. Pray that we live pure, desperate lives for God even above each other.
  • Next, pray for our team. We have spoken to countless people who have lived a lifetime of doing what we are doing and without fail one of the things that was either the biggest obstacle or blessing to their mission was their fellow teammates with whom they shared their call. We have already been very blessed to get to know some of our future team and feel incredibly thankful to hear their amazing hearts and to see how ours seem to line up so perfectly with theirs. However, this is place #2 where our enemy will attack us and we need you to lift us up. Pray that we see eye-to-eye in the needs, direction, and best way to serve our people and our call. Pray for good conflict resolution, love, humility, and sacrifice for each other. Pray for fun and for us to truly just enjoy each other as people, friends, and co-laborers.
  • Lastly, pray for our people. Oh dear friends, please pray for our people. Pray that they know the one true Lamb Who was slain to take away their sins. Pray that centuries of darkness be broken as we shine the light of God from our lives into their world. Pray for their national leaders to be bold and courageous reproducers of the gospel. Pray for their families to accept them and the message they bring that has changed their lives.

We need you to answer your call just as we are answering ours. Join us.

Until the entire world hears.