This question is usually followed up with a list of typical ministry projects:

Will you be…

running an orphanage?
providing clean water…shoes…glasses…medical care…?
starting a school?
working with human trafficking victims?
feeding the hungry?

Our official job title is: ch*rch planting strategists.

Most people’s response after hearing this is: yeah, but what are you really doing?

We’re glad you asked!

When we first began this process, we didn't know what country we would go to. We didn’t even know of a continent. We didn’t know a specific people group we felt called to or really anything specific about a location we would prefer. But we did know one thing. We knew we felt called to one specific kind of group.

We felt called to unreached/unengaged people groups. These groups are people who have not been engaged with the gospel at all and there are no known believers there.

How do these people groups exist? 

A variety of barriers, ranging from geographic to political, prevent a people group from being reached. Some live in physically hard-to-reach areas, such as a secluded mountain village that takes days to reach on foot. Others live in areas with extreme climates or in poverty-stricken, overcrowded cities.

We happen to be going to a place in a country where there are a lot of mountains. And there are a lot of mountain villages that take days to reach on foot. There is no bus route. There are no roads. And there are extreme climates and it’s extremely poverty-stricken. And God deserves to get glory from these people.

What will we be doing?

We will pray. We will wake up each day praying for the Spirit to lead our relationships, connections, encounters, conversations, and trainings. We will rely on the Holy Spirit to draw people to Himself and give them a passion to know Him and His Word more.

We will teach. We will be doing reproducible discipleship training. We will find believers and train them in discipleship and evangelism to go and plant ch*rches and disciple others. Here is an excellent video describing what we will be doing and the strategy behind it. We have a passion for teaching the Word. Both of us love it…we soak it up and thrive when we get to tell others about Christ.

We will live life with people. And (do the best we can with Christ in us to) model what a marriage centered on Christ looks like, what a family pursuing Christ looks like, and what a friendship exemplifying Christ looks like. We will love unconditionally, show grace mercifully, and serve faithfully.

Nepal is a country where poverty is everywhere. We could spend every day all day trying to combat every single social justice issue there. But what will bring eternal change for the people of Nepal? We believe it will be for us (and our team) to train national believers and disciple them in order for the Ch*rch in Nepal to be the ones to allow Christ to change Nepal. This doesn't sound as fancy as "running an orphanage," but sharing, showing, and teaching the Word to nationals and them being the ones to go and reach their people really does seem like the most effective way for Christ to be made known in this country.