Since it's a little closer to time, some have asked for a timeline of events. It's posted on the blog already, but just in case you were wanting a quick reference, we are going to post it in a short list format: 

August 2014:

  • move into provided housing (move #1)
  • 23-28: go to a weeklong appointment time with our organization (prayers appreciated)

September 2014:

  • C's job ends
  • another yard sale
  • vacations with families and friends

October 2014-December 2014:

  • orientation for 8 weeks (move #2)

December 2014:

  • return to the South and say final goodbyes (move #3)

January 2015:

  • move to South Asia and begin language training (move #4)
  • move to our home in South Asia (move #5)