When I was a child, around the age of 10, I remember having this thought that I was going to spend my life overseas telling people about my Lord. As I grew up, this thought only grew within me. I’ve experienced a lot in my life. One of my greatest joys was meeting and joining my life with my amazing wife who shares the same passions I do for our future. Also, almost my entire life, I’ve been longing to meet and join all I am with these other people I’ve never even met.

So much of my 32 years have been spent thinking, studying, praying about, and longing for what apparently is going to be the people of Nepal. Just completing that sentence puts a hugs smile on my face. I’ve had other jobs, done other things, poured into and been greatly influenced by countless other people but all along the way I’ve known deep within me that it was all building to you. The funny thing is that I’ve never even met you and yet somehow I feel like I miss you.

I think the reason I feel like I already know you and miss you is because you already have so much of my heart. I know this may sound weird, and I’m sure I’m probably coming on a little strong, so I want to make you a few promises before we move forward. Nepal, I value you. I don’t value you for what you can become. I don’t value you for what I can achieve through you. I just value you. I can’t wait to get to live our lives together. You are going to really love my wife. She is absolutely amazing and she values you too. I can’t wait for all of us to be together. 

Next, I expect to learn a lot from you. I believe that God created you in His image. I know that we are going to be a little different but I don’t think that different is bad. I think that it can be a really good thing. I fully believe that hidden in the way you live your lives is a treasure chest of truth for me to learn about God. I hope and pray that you accept us. I promise we won’t come acting like we have all the answers for how you should live your life. I promise we won’t come thinking and acting like we are better than you, smarter than you, and too good for the things you value.

Nepal, we are going to really need you. We weren’t trained to live the life you live. We are really excited about doing it but we will need your help. We need you to teach us how to cook, eat, sleep, talk, and just about everything else. Just treat us like your children and we should be just fine.

Nepal, I hope and pray that in us you see the love of God through Christ. I hope and pray that if you ever do feel comfortable enough to open yourself up to us, you see that we have been changed by the Father’s love and His Son on the cross and the power of His resurrection and that He has that same love for you. We have nothing to offer you but we would love to partner our lives together in community in a such a way that helps you have a picture of that deep longing that has always been inside of you to know that the one true God has provided a Way for you to know Him and you don’t have to fight anymore. You don’t have to live in fear and guilt. You don’t have feel like you don’t measure up. You can know that He loves you and died for you to be together.

I really hope that we can just enjoy the presence of each other. I feel like my life is supposed to be lived with you. I feel like I’ve been prepared to serve you and hopefully to be a blessing to you. That’s all I really want. I know that you are going to be such an amazing blessing to us.

Nepal, I miss you. We haven’t officially met but you are now a part of our family. You are a great joy in my heart and object of so much of our love. Be ready. I pray even now that our God is showing you pictures in your mind of us just as I dream and see pictures of so many of you. Please don’t be afraid, I’m not as scary as I look.

I also miss heaven and I’ve never been there. I miss our sole purpose of worshiping God in unadulterated focus and joy. We were all created for only that. I know that nothing else will ever fully complete us and for that I miss it. Someday I want us all to be there and to worship Him together and I’m willing to give my life to Him, to you, to hopefully be a part of seeing that happen for all the world. Until all hear… 

I began to write the above post a while back then found out that last weekend a flood killed over a hundred people and destroyed hundreds of homes in our future home city. We spent days crying over the loss of people we have never met. We have no reason to think of their future eternity with any hope. I want to be there. I want to be there for people, to cry together, to long to try to be a difference in moments of so much need. I want to help rebuild. I want to try to shine light into a dark world in hopes that some eternities can change for the people we love so much. We trust our sovereign King and His timing is always perfect. We don’t want to rush the coming of the day we meet the people of Nepal; but that won’t stop our hearts from breaking and growing more and more in love with them until that day.