I feel really impressed at this moment in our journey to take some time and to write a thank you letter. I’ve been writing some of these letters lately. I’m writing a lot of small notes to thank people who have given sacrificially to us of their time, money, efforts, and more. However, this letter is specifically for those of you who have been lifting us up in prayer. 


I don’t know all of you. Some of you have told us that you would pray for us and I believe you are. I also believe there are others praying for us that we don’t even know about and some of you praying for us that we probably have no idea just how much and how often your heart is crying out to God on our behalf. For those of you who are and who do, I want you to know that we genuinely feel you, your prayers, your love, and specifically the hand of God moving in our lives on your behalf and we want to thank you! THANK YOU! From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank you.

We are unworthy of your time, your thoughts, and your efforts. We are nothing special but we are called and we are thankful for you answering your call with us. We believe the Great Commission is a call on all our lives. We are so broken for the lost of this world who have never heard and have no one telling them and giving them a chance to hear about the love of our Savior and glory of God that is the greatest hope for their lives. Thank you for answering your call. Thank you for having a heart for a lost world, for us, and for the glory of God. Thank you that while we are unworthy of your efforts, the God we serve together and the mission call that we all answer is far more worthy than all that we are and all that we can possibly give. Thank you for giving what He has called you to give just as we give what He has called us to give. We know it‘s a sacrifice and we want you to be confident that it matters.

It’s very humbling and hard to know how to rightly share this journey with all of you. At times I feel like I may share more or more often than people want to hear. I’m not sure what the right balance is but I do know that lately I’ve heard from several of you who have said something along the lines of thanking us for how we are allowing you to take this journey with us. I can’t tell you enough what those words mean to us. It is such an amazing gift to know that we are not alone in this. We know we have our Father and He is always enough but it’s also hard to accurately explain with words how much it means to us to know that you are taking seriously your Great Commission call and that you feel God has specifically called you to answer that through a partnership with us. We need you! We can’t do this alone and we want you to feel connected to this work.

We want you to know that your prayers are being heard and felt. Since we began this journey and really began seeking prayer support and hearing that you were praying for us we have very clearly felt the work of God in our lives. You are praying us through some very important times. God is changing us for Him and I really believe it has a lot to do with you. He is challenging us a lot lately to submit our lives to Him in new ways. We are learning so much both individually, in our marriage, and in the way that we are relating to others that is going to be so vital in our future work.

I’ve learned that times of really feeling God work in my life in the past always end up feeling like the most blessed and yet difficult things I’ve ever experienced and this time isn’t much different. God is teaching us and showing us areas that we need to let go for Him. He’s showing us sin in our lives and things that we need to change for Him. He’s also showing us that He is all we ever need. These are truly hard lessons to learn. These are truly the hand of God in our lives. Lastly, these are truly times that we couldn’t experience if it weren’t for your prayers. Thank you for loving us. Thank you for caring for us, for taking time for us, and for journeying with us.

Our prayer for you is that you feel encouraged. We pray that God allow you in a special way to see and feel the truth that you are ministering to us and are a great joy to us. We pray you know that God hears you and that He responds to your prayers. It’s always going to be in His way but scripture promises us that our prayers make a difference. We pray that you believe that we can feel your prayers. We pray that somehow God blesses you for taking this journey with us. We pray that you too begin to open your lives up more to areas that God is calling you to surrender to Him. Death to self will always hurt and cost us but it will also always lead to life more like the way it is supposed to be lived. We pray that through this journey God open your map of the world up along with us and that He absolutely break your heart for the lost to know Him.

Please keep praying. We are unworthy of it but we can’t succeed without it and it’s honestly not about us. We completely believe in the power of prayer that you possess. Eventually the more you continue this journey with us, the more it will cost you. Persevere! The glory of God demands it. Pray the difficult things for us. Pray that we are broken by our sin and broken to be better for Him. Pray that our lives are truly a blank check for His glory. Pray that we continue to find the strength to submit and humble ourselves to Him and His service. We will pray the same for you. May our lives be changed together for His glory and may the effects of that be the changing of lives all over this world in the same way.

Let us know how we can pray for you. Email us at stayingsouth@gmail.com. Let us know that you are partnering and praying for us. Ask questions about this journey, if you have them, either on the commitments of posts or by email. We are unworthy and we don’t know what this is supposed to look like but we want to be the body of Christ and we thank you for teaching us so much about that already.