Written on April 16, 2015. 

“You'll never forget this one. Think of all the things you'll do this year. All the ways you'll grow. All the surprises ahead. All the joys and celebrations to come!” 

“SO thankful for the precious life God created in you.”

“Wishing you the best birthday ever--it'll probably be the most different that's for sure!”

“I hope you feel loved and celebrated and happy.”

These were a few of the words written to me by friends on my birthday. Each word is valued and felt inspired by the Lord.

In the morning, I woke up early and felt an urge from the Lord to do something. I wasn’t even sure why I was doing it; but felt very strongly I should & out of obedience, I got up and went to do it. 

I took a pregnancy test.

I had taken a pregnancy test in early April after missing March’s time of the month. Actually, I took three pregnancy tests. All within a couple weeks of each other. All negative.

But this day was different. This special day given to me by the Lord. And He said go take another one. So I did.


Tears and laughter ensued. I finally understand why Sarah laughed when she was told about Isaac.

Due to the cheapness of Nepali pregnancy tests, Jeremy urged me to take another one just to double check. Another positive. But we still went to a Western-style clinic and had a pregnancy test run again. Again, positive. We set up an appointment for that next Monday.


The Lord is so good to give us what we need at the exact moment we need it. He is the ultimate Provider and provide He does.

The rest of the day was spent with friends and us coming up with a plan to Skype our parents and tell them. 

Today, we listened to Brook Hill’s sermon from last week and it was on Psalm 128 and what a new meaning these words take on now:

“Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house;
Your children will be like olive shoots around your table.
Behold, thus shall the man be blessed who fears the Lord…
May you see your children’s children.”

And from Psalm 127:

“children are a heritage from the Lord…”

There is life growing inside of me. Life that will prayerfully span into the future. A life created and sustained only by the Creator Himself. A life taking shape and changing me from the inside out. A life that is a picture of the gospel since where true love is, there new life is. 

He has given me a new song; a hymn of praise to our God.

[We were able to hear the heartbeat while we were in Thailand in May and I am now 12 1/2 weeks along. The due date is set for December 24, 2015.]