On Friday, August 7th, we were in a motorcycle accident where another motorcyclist pulled in front of us heading toward us. It was raining and the roads were slick. Jeremy tried his best to prevent the accident but was left with a decision to turn the bike onto its side and we went sliding along the road. Jeremy turned his body to wrap his arm around me (and our baby) to protect us as best he could. His elbow and a piece of his wrist are fractured along with another piece in his wrist near his thumb is broken. He will be in a cast the next three weeks with some follow up to see about next steps after this. 

Both of our concern went straight to the baby as I slid partially on the side of my stomach. We went to the hospital where the ultrasound doctor came in, did ultrasounds, and saw that baby Simpson is moving just fine and the heart is beating normally. No tears or bleeding anywhere around the baby!

Speaking of our baby, we found out the Monday before our accident that it's a GIRL! We have a princess in the making and could not be more excited about this new little addition to our growing family.

The accident was certainly a frightening experience for us both and we are praising the Lord for His protection over all three of us and His sustaining of life that night. No more motorcycles for us. 

Returning Home
The Lord leads in mysterious ways and takes us on incredible journeys.
We can plan our ways as much as we want to; but He will be the One to establish our steps—to orchestrate each step of our path. And He has made that clear through all of Scripture—throughout all our life.
After much prayer, conversations with mentors, member care, and others, and seeking the Lord through His Word, we decided to return home from the field. We are sure of our decision to leave and follow Him on this new (yet not so new) path He has laid before us. [This does not have to do with the motorcycle accident mentioned above. We had already resigned before that accident took place.] 
Many decisions, conversations, and prayers have been poured into this decision. It was not made in isolation or in a hurried spirit.
The Lord has created us in specific ways to be used for His glory in the way He leads.
We were always supposed to go to Nepal. We did not hear the Lord wrongly or misunderstand the call He gave to us. We were in the exact right place at the exact right time. He is sovereign over every moment of our life. As confident as we were to follow Him here, we are as confident to follow Him home.
And He used this time—this process and these months—to lead us to a path of shepherding and ministering to a body of believers. Jeremy pastoring in some form. Me being his partner in ministry and a willing homemaker to our new family. This is something that was placed in our hearts; and it took moving around the world for us to see how clearly He has laid out the path.

Where will we go from here?

We aren’t sure. We don’t have a pastor position or church position lined up. We will pray and seek, and trust that He will lead and move in His time.
We have a baby due in December. We are praying as He is leading. We are walking and He is preparing.
We still have a heart for the unreached. We still have a longing for all to hear the Name of Christ. We are still willing to go wherever He leads. And for us, that will lead us right back where we began.
This may be viewed as a disappointment to some, a failure to others. But to us, and we believe to the Lord, it’s an opportunity for us to follow Him. And where He leads brings us hope and peace.

Prayers for the Future
If you would like more answers, if you have questions, if you know of a church where we could serve, if you have ever been led somewhere only be led somewhere else soon after, please write us. We would love to talk with you more. 

Please pray with us for the future: 

  • as we move and start over (again)
  • as we transition back to our home culture after learning so much from South Asia
  • as we look ahead to the hope to which He has called us
  • as we seek where the Lord would have us go
  • as He establishes us in a body of believers to live life alongside for His glory

“Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or imagine,according to the power at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”