Everyone always told me the Himalayan mountains were the highest and biggest in the world. They used words like ‘grand,’ ‘majestic,’ and ‘big.’ And it wasn’t that I didn’t believe them. I saw the pictures of those mountains. They looked like they would be all those things. Full of splendor and beauty. I saw the pictures. I saw the mountains in the photographs.

And I had my version of what I thought the beauty of those mountains were. I had a place for them in my mind. Himalayans=big mountains.

Then, we moved to Nepal. I can remember the first time I saw the Himalayans in person. The first time those snow-capped peaks appeared through the clouds. And I remember the first time I stood before the Annapurna mountain chain in Pokhara.

I could see the mountains; but more than that, I could experience them. Pictures, photos, words could just simply never do for the description of what those mountains are.

My version of what I thought the beauty of those mountains were changed. It deepened. It grew. I could see the mountains; but I could experience them. I could taste them. They were no longer something at a distance; but something I could be a part of and they could be a part of me.

This reminded me of the ways I think of God. We hear of Him and think to ourselves: “I know what God is like.” He is like this or that. But then, we experience Him. We taste Him. And we get a glimpse of Him in the day-to-day life we live. We have a relationship with Him and experience Him. And all of what we thought we knew changes. It grows. It deepens. It has to. He is no longer at a distance; but His presence is with us.

This season of our life is marked with so many experiences of the Lord that I have never known before. His provision, His peace, His hope being poured into our life. I had heard of these words being used for Him before; but had never truly experienced them for myself before now...at least not like this. It’s like standing before the Himalayan mountains again—only better and deeper and even more fulfilling.

Oftentimes we run from change or difficulty or seasons in our life that will put us in utter dependence on God. Yet I have found that it’s in this season that I am learning the most about Him—experiencing His grace and presence on a moment-by-moment basis and letting His peace fill our life. I still have questions. I still have moments of just sitting in His presence as I admit all of those questions to Him. And the beauty? He is like that mountain. Only, unlike the mountain, He can respond through His Word about the Truth of Who He is. His presence is here. Abounding in steadfast love and assurance. He is my rock and my refuge. I will not be greatly shaken.

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good. He is good, indeed.