The most common question we are asked these days seems to be: are you settled yet?

In short: not quite.

Let me begin by saying: we are taken care of. We have a roof (or two or three) over our heads, food on the table, and all our physical needs met. However, a life in transition does mean we certainly have times of unrest, discontentment, and an overall awareness that we are nomads during this season. There are moments when we both get a little restless because we are naturally active and engaging people. We do not like to not accomplish. Not that we don’t like to rest or take time to relax. We recognize the importance of rest and Sabbath as well.

However, a life in transition puts you in a vulnerable place—a place of reliance. Reliant upon family, friends, and complete strangers to help us along the way. The Lord has certainly shown us His provision even during this time. From places to stay to provision for a car to moments to see His grace and rely upon Him alone.

There have been moments in the last two and a half weeks where we have felt a certain expectation we have placed on ourselves to have everything “figured out” right away. And it’s during these times that we are beginning to recognize as an opportunity to trust the Lord, wait on His timing, and submit our feelings and desires to Him. I have found that what I think I need and what He KNOWS I need could be two entirely conflicting things. Who will I submit to (my will or His); and how much will I try to control or relent with the situation?

If I say I choose His will and to submit to Him, that means I need to hold my daily schedule and even my thoughts and feelings for what I think I need with open hands.

If there is a battle between my will and God's, I need to remember that He already died in order for me to live so it's now my turn to die to self in order for Him to live through me.

If I don't have something and it's not being given to me, the most obvious conclusion has to be that God is sovereign and I do not need that item, position, person, or thing at least not at this moment. If I needed it, it would be granted to me. The Lord provides all we need for life and godliness.

He is a good Father who loves His children. He wants to provide and will provide all we need. He can be trusted as we wait patiently on Him. We can place our hope in Him to work and move on our behalf. We need not hope in things or circumstances but we can hope in the Person and Presence of Who He is and we can trust Him to be present no matter what we endure. 

Reading through the psalms has Jeremy and I in a constant state of seeing Scripture come to life as we wait upon the Lord, take heart in God, and praise Him for where we currently are even on days when we want to rush things or take control of the situation ourselves. He is renewing us, allowing us to rest, and reminding us that He will provide in His time.

The more we can realize loving God and His people are the only things that matter in life, the sooner our joy will be complete. Everything else in life is simply noise. There are other seemingly important things that will take our time and energy; but these two things, loving God (glorifying Him) and loving His people in order for Him to get glory, are truly the greatest ways we can spend our time and energy. Everything we do should be centered on these.

Overall, we have not settled yet. But I’m not sure we really and truly will. I fully believe the Lord will establish us somewhere in time to live life with a community of people for His glory; but I also believe that our true home is simply with Him and in His presence. In a way, I guess we are settled in that aspect since His presence is constant with us. And even that gives me rest and a hope for our future.

What can separate us from the love of Christ? Can a life in transition, unsettledness, uncertainty or questions about the future? No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. He can be trusted. And we can be settled in knowing He is with us.